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LED video wall is one of the most preferred screen displays that are being commercially used and is 5 times more eye-catching than static display. The advantage of the LED video wall is its efficient and low-energy consumption and LEDs that create a greater light intensity. This delivers high-resolution images with unequalled brightness and contrast levels and is the future of display and advertising.

Our products have been designed with installation in mind. They are built with light but durable materials, requiring less reinforcement of walls, saving time and money on installation.

Key areas of applications of our Display Systems

  • LED Display Boards at Railways Stations & Airports.
  • Display of Real Time Clock & Temperature.
  • To display Gold, interest and foreign exchange rates.
  • Display Boards at Clubs & multiplexes.
  • To display promotional schemes for FMCG / Corporate.
  • LED Display systems at Shopping malls& retail stores.
  • Display Board to display traffic information.
  • Display Board at Trade Fairs & Exhibitions.
  • Display Board to display information at Hotels, Hospitals, Institutions, Schools, Banks ATMs etc.

About Us

Acton Pixel is one of the leading manufacturers of indoor and outdoor LED video walls based out of Mumbai, India. We design and produce LED display products and solutions for various applications including commercial advertisements, stadiums, hotels, board rooms etc. We provide customised solutions as per client specifications for the best possible prices

Why us

  • Our products are manufactured to the highest standard as we use the best components which are sourced from the most dependable producers worldwide.
  • We have in-house quality control machines to ensure that there are no defects in the products that we supply.
  • We believe in building long-lasting relationship with our clients and focus on achieving customer satisfaction by delivering the best LED display services at affordable prices and all of that within time.


Indoor Screens

Excellent image quality for high-detail content viewed from close distances

Outdoor Screens

Robust design and bright Led video walls for the outdoors

Led signage solutions

Easily programmable and suitable for various needs


All parts of Led display screens and cabinets

Our LED displays could help you bring out the full depth and dimension of your brand messaging in hi-resolution to get heads turning in wherever you set them up.

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